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Unsere Stile

Gold Style

This style is guaranteed to make any home look special. The portraits are already beautifully painted, and the added gold effect gives the painting and the subject itself an extra shine that enhances the beauty of the image.

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Halo style

The "halo" style is specifically dedicated to beloved companions who are no longer with us. The halo is a symbol of holiness and divinity, represented by a circle or arc of light around a saint's head, and has spread across cultures and nations at an amazing rate. It connects many religions and transcends time, so it is still relevant today.
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Ink style

The "Ink" style complements portraits with beautiful ink blots, first in black and then in color, to add a little magic to the image.

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Angel style

Our angel style evokes feelings. We all associate something with angels. We know them from mythology, or in a religious context. Whether guardian angel or mediator between the worlds, this theme leaves no one cold. Our artists design the wings according to your wishes. For example, quite classic in white, or emphasized noble and elegant in golden optics.
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Realistic style

The "Realistic" style is the basis of all our designs, it is the fundamental style on which all other styles are based. With its clean design, the subject of the image takes center stage the most here. The background can either be designed with just a single color or with a gradient, which gives it a vibrant look. So if you are overwhelmed by the other styles, just choose the basic design that the other styles are based on.
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Double style

The "Double" style reflects the passage of time, the young and the old in one image. There is symbolism and meaning in this style. The reflections are always in golden water, and we can customize the background, for example with a sunset or mountains, or a night sky with stars, or just a blue sky. You can also choose who is in the reflection, the child or the adult.
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Exposure style

The "Exposure" style is a design of double representation, where nature can be seen through the main subject of the painting. This style is all about natural elements and our connection to nature. Whether it's a beautiful night sky, a serene sunset or a refreshing morning sunrise, the painting will always emphasize the beauty of nature and the subjects painted on it, it focuses on our belonging to the wild, to the untouched.
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Love Style

A painting as a love poem. Because sometimes words are not enough to express how much you love your pet. With our "Love Style" we give you the opportunity to express your feelings for your four-legged friend in a very special way: handmade with love.

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Watercolor style

Watercolor is a medium known for its transparency and fluidity. Historians believe that watercolor painting has been known since Paleolithic cave paintings, but it was not until the Renaissance that it became popular as an artistic medium. Our artists use more earthy tones with subtle brushstrokes for this style. Overall, the style is a play of undefined splashes of color that flow into a natural watercolor flow, combined with finer details that add texture to the portraits. The most striking feature of the watercolor style is the sense of tranquility that the paintings convey to the viewer.
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Smoke style

With our "Smoke" design, the smoke effects give the portraits a mysterious look. The smoke is carefully selected to match the colors of the portraits. You can tell us the color for the background, and if you have any special requests regarding the smoke effects. The backgrounds are usually less saturated to emphasize the effects of this style and the subject of the painting.
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Naturalistic style

In our "naturalistic" design, our artists combine a variety of natural elements, plants and flowers, to create a beautiful design that individually fits each portrait in a unique way. We carefully select the elements and place them around the image to accentuate the portraits and create a cozy atmosphere in your home.
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Black & White Style

The style "Black and White" is an abstract style in black and white, suitable for those who are looking for something less ordinary and very dynamic. You can also send us your idea for the design. Do you want our artists to use a photo with an unusual perspective or a color combination other than black and white? With pleasure! Just write us your wishes in the free text field when you place your order!
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Butterfly Style

Our Butterfly style combines two elements. The most important is, of course, your fur baby. We paint your darling in black and white on a dark background. The second element is a swarm of butterflies. The butterflies we design according to your wishes in a masterly coordinated sea of colors, or emphasized noble and elegant in golden optics. Your Petsuns should look perfect exactly where you hang it. Therefore, you can also choose a light background.
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Banksy Style

Our Banksy style is young and wild. It is inspired, as the name suggests, by one of our favorite artists from the street art scene. There's no wish we can't make come true. Our artists really enjoy creating new variations of this design. We think it shows in the final result. Do you want your darling to be painted in color, and the background mainly in black and white? Want the heart painted in your club's colors? Gladly!
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Classic style

Our "Classic Style" gives us a feeling of the Renaissance, when the foundations of art were created and began to unfold. The style plays with beautifully applied brushstrokes and various color transparencies, making the portraits almost dynamic and our eyes love to admire every part of the painting for its uniqueness. We use mainly earthy colors for this style, with a nice pastel palette. The background can be a simple white canvas with light splashes of color, or a completely painted background in the color of your choice. The main goal of this style is harmony between the medium chosen for the painting and the subject itself.
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Colorful style

The "Colorful" style is our most cheerful style of all. It brightens up any home. It's like having a rainbow in your home. We literally use every color of the rainbow to create these beautiful Petsuns paintings. It's a heartwarming style, with very artistic brushwork, where our artists are as creative as they can be.
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Modern Style

Our "Modern" style is, as the title suggests, very modern. The portraits are painted in a realistic style, and it looks like they are sticking out of the picture. We can also create a custom collage with the characters of your choice (from comics, superheroes, fantasy, etc). And you can also choose the dominant color of the image. We will be very happy to implement all your wishes and ideas.
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