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How does Petsuns work?

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You choose your style, the size of the canvas, the number of animals / people (portrait or full body), upload your photo (s) and give the artwork in order. To make sure you are 100% satisfied, we will send you a draft of your artwork in advance via email or Whatsapp. We perfect the image according to your ideas, only then your hand-painted artwork is made and shipped to you free of charge.

Will I like my artwork?

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Yes, we even give you a 100% satisfaction guarantee. And this is how we do it: our artists have developed over the years a very good sense of how they can create a unique work of art from your photo. You will receive a preview of your picture. If you have any change requests, we will implement them exactly as you wish. Only when you confirm that you are 100% satisfied, the canvas is produced and shipped to you.

Do you also work with very individual wishes?

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Yes, very much so. Our artists are looking forward to every idea and every new challenge! Just write us via messenger, whatsapp or email!

Why does Petsuns paint by hand but digitally?

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Our artists paint your picture completely stroke by stroke by hand, without filters and without shortcuts. We do this because it allows us to guarantee that we can implement all individual wishes and it is also the only way we can offer the many variations and styles with our claim to perfection. At the same time, digital drawing allows us to send you a preview and significantly shorten the production and delivery time for you.

Will I get a preview of my artwork before it is printed?

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Yes, this is a fixed part of the process for us. You will receive in any case a preview by e-mail or on request by Whatsapp and we implement of course and gladly all your wishes and comments. Only when you have released the artwork to us, so have confirmed that you are 100% satisfied, your canvas is produced for you.

How much does a piece of art from Petsuns cost?

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Petsuns stands for quality, individuality and 100% customer satisfaction. Most people understand that this also results in a certain price. This price depends on the complexity of the motif and size of the canvas and starts from 119 € for a picture in the format 30cm x30cm.

How long will it take for my artwork to arrive?

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It takes about 5-10 business days. However, we will ship only after you give us the approval. Due to possible adjustments and delays in the responses, it can also take longer. Therefore, please check the spam folder of your e-mail inbox to see if our e-mail with your preview has landed there.

What materials will be used for my painting?

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We use only very high quality materials. The canvases are made of 100% cotton and are of high quality (360g/m2). The inks used are from the world leader in printing inks and give a particularly perfect and brilliant printing result. In addition, the water-based inks are sustainably produced, odorless and low-emission, which is important to us because you will surely hang your Petsuns artwork indoors. Of course, you will receive your canvas already mounted on a sturdy stretcher frame and can hang it up immediately after receipt.

Where will my order be produced?

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Your canvas is 100% produced in Germany by a long-term production partner of Petsuns. Quality made in Germany.


Can Petsuns work with poor quality photos?

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Yes we can. Since we paint everything artwork by hand, the quality of the photo is not crucial for us. More important is that we can see your furry friend well and the important details that make up your darling are well visible in the photo.

How can I determine if my photo is suitable for a Petsuns artwork?

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Since we paint by hand, we can also work with images that were not created by a professional photographer. It is certainly helpful if the images were created in as natural light as possible and your darling is particularly good and large to see on it. Since our team of artists is very experienced, they also often manage to fill in missing information from pure artistic talent so that it fits perfectly. If you would like to have a portrait of your furry friend, but only send us pictures where the back and back of the head can be seen, it will be difficult even for us.

Can you combine different animals from several photos into one piece of art?

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Absolutely no problem for us. Since we paint all pictures by hand, we can use different photos as a template to make a brilliant work of art according to your ideas.

What file format should my photo have?

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The file format is not important for us, as long as it is a format that we can somehow open and view.


Is it possible to change an order?

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Yes it is. Our artists always create a draft and send it to you by email. If you find that you want something changed, it's usually no problem and almost always free of charge. Only very complex changes can cause additional costs, but we always get your approval beforehand. Example: You choose a design that has a monochrome background, but you want our artists to paint your animal in a landscape. This means a lot of extra work, so we will write you an estimate.

Can I cancel my order?

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Since we make a hand-painted, individual work of art exactly according to your wishes and ideas, a cancellation is not provided. In individual cases and for important reasons, we allow a cancellation if all costs already incurred on our side are compensated.

Is it possible to pay on account?

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Unfortunately not. Since we make each work of art by hand and completely individually, we start work on an order only after receiving payment and therefore purchase on account is not possible.

I wanted to give the artwork as a gift, but it probably won't be finished in time. What can I do?

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If you want to commission the work directly, and the artwork will not be ready by the deadline, we can send you a preview of the current state. As a photo and possibly also all short video. So you have something great that provides for proper anticipation and that you can give away on the deadline. The lucky person can also make changes before we send the finished work. Feel free to write to us via Messenger or WhatsApp before ordering. Alternatively, you can of course also get a gift certificate from us. With this, the presentee can easily compose his picture himself.

Is my data in safe hands with Petsuns?

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Yes, we protect transactions in every possible way. Personal data, such as credit card or account number, name or address, are encrypted before they leave the home PC/smartphone and are transmitted on the Internet. For this purpose, we use the recognized secure Secure Socket Layer (SSL) transmission. The encrypted data cannot be read by unauthorized persons. The fact that the web address starts with https or with a green lock symbol indicates that there is a secure connection to a server.


How much are the shipping costs?

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Shipping is absolutely free for you!

Which countries does Petsuns deliver to?

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Petsuns currently delivers to all countries of the European Union (EU), Switzerland, the United Kingdom, the USA and Australia. If you do not live in one of these countries, please contact us via Messenger or Whatsapp. We will do our best to make shipping to your country possible.

How will my artwork be packaged?

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To ensure that your artwork arrives in the best possible condition, our experts have designed a multi-part, particularly stable protection system. We also ship your artwork in a neutral shipping box. That way, the gift surprise is guaranteed to succeed!

My artwork was delivered damaged, what now?

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If your artwork was damaged during shipping, we will of course remake it for you and resend it to you. Important: if the shipping box is damaged, please refuse to accept the package and let the carrier take it back!

Gift cards

How long are gift cards valid?

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Our gift cards have a legal validity of 3 years.

How do I redeem a gift card or discount code?

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When you are in the payment process, you have the option to enter the code in the field provided. The respective discount or credit will be displayed immediately and deducted from the total amount.

Do you have any questions?

We will be happy to advise you without obligation. Click on the buttons below to write with us via WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger.

You can also email us at or use the contact form directly below the buttons.

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